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Financial Assistance & Support Programmes

Financial Assistance & Support Programmes

1. The School Advisory Committee (SAC) Funds, was set up to look into the welfare of our pupils. For students who do not meet the income criteria set by the MOE-FAS, their application would automatically be assessed for the School Advisory Committee (SAC)-FAS Scheme. SAC-FAS fund provides for the following assistance:

• Meal Bursary (for MOE-FAS & SAC-FAS)
• Free Text Book (for SAC-FAS)
• GCE ‘N’ and ‘O’ Level Examination Fees (for SAC-FAS)
• Transport Bursary (for MOE-FAS & SAC-FAS)
• Free Uniform (for SAC-FAS)

2. Provision of meal bursary to our needy students is subjected to the availability of SAC funding which sources are mainly from donations to the school.

3. To ensure that the support is given to well deserving students, the school expects recipients to ensure that they abide by all school rules and have no serious disciplinary problems. Assistance would be terminated if students have disciplinary problems and show poor work attitude or play truancy.

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