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Ministry of Education – Financial Assistance Scheme (MOE-FAS)

The MOE FAS is to help needy Singaporean families reduce their burden in meeting essential school expenses and to ensure that no child will be denied an education due to financial reasons.

Eligibility Criteria for MOE FAS

The eligibility criteria for MOE FAS on 8 March 2012 are as follows:

  • a. The family’s gross household income (GHI) does not exceed $2,500 per month; or
  • b. The family’s per capita income (PCI) does not exceed $625 per month.

The PCI is introduced as a parallel assessment criterion to enable students from larger families to benefit.  For families with GHI which exceeds $2,500, the PCI will be computed based on the GHI divided by the number of household members.  Household members include the student, his/her parents, unmarried siblings and grandparents, and other dependents living in the same household.

Benefits under MOE FAS

The benefits provided under the MOE FAS are tabulated below:

Item Academic Level : Secondary
School Fees 100% Waived
Standard Miscellaneous Fee 100% Waived
Exam fee1 75% waiver of National Examination Fees (100% waiver for pupils under MCYS Public Assistance Scheme)
Textbooks2 Free textbooks
School attire3 Free school attire

1 Include mother tongue language and subjects taken at separate sittings.

2 Free textbooks and writing materials in the approved school book list.

3 Free school attire are provided on a need basis.  An FAS recipient is eligible for up to 2 sets of uniform, 2 sets of PE attire, a pair of shoes and 2 pairs of socks in each academic year.

Application Procedure

  • Application is open throughout the year. Siblings in the same school can submit all their applications using one form. Forms are only available at the general office.
  • Parents should approach the school directly to apply for MOE’s FAS and submit the application form to the general office.

Supporting Documents

Please submit the following documents together with the application form.

  • Household members who are employed are required to submit their latest payslip or a letter from their employer certifying their income.
  • Household members who are self-employed are required to attach their latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment. If the member is not required to pay tax or the tax assessment does not reflect his/her current income status, he is to complete the declaration form attached with the application form.
  • Household members who are unemployed and below age 62 are required to complete a declaration if they are not undertaking full-time studies or are in full-time National Service.

If the Gross Household Income exceeds $2,500 and there are 5 or more members in the same household (including grandparents), please provide the following additional documents:

  • Copies of NRIC of household members, other than parents and unmarried siblings.  If there are other dependent children with no NRIC, please submit copies of legal documents to show that they are staying in the same household.


Is there any help for students who do not meet the income limits but require financial assistance?
They should continue to seek community-based assistance such as from the School Management Committee / School Advisory Committee. Schools will also help to refer them to external charitable agencies or Community Development Councils (CDCs) for assistance. Community support is part of the “many helping hands” approach to looking after the needs of less well-off Singaporeans.

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