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General Appearance

For Boys

  • Hair must be short, neatly combed and not thick. Hair should not touch the ears, eye-brows or the shirt collar.
    It should be cropped at the back of the head and show evidence of a slight slope. No streaking/dyeing of hair,
    perms or punk hairstyles. Sideburns must not extend beyond the middle of the ear. No earrings, ear sticks or any other ear accessories are allowed.
  • All male pupils must be clean shaven.
  • Moustache, beard and long sideburns are not permitted.

For Girls

  • The fringe should not touch the eye-brows. No perms are allowed. Colouring or streaking of hair is also not permitted. No form of make-up is allowed. Long hair must be neatly plaited or tied up with black, blue or white elastic band only.

For All Students

  • All students must keep short, clean and unvarnished finger nails.
  • Students who wear spectacles must not use tinted lenses unless for medical reasons.
    Spectacles with fanciful rims are disallowed.
  • Rings, necklaces, pendants, lockets, bracelets or any other forms of jewellery must not be worn to school.
    Plain, simple identical ear studs may be worn by girls only, one on each ear lobe.
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