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Punctuality, Absenteeism & Truancy

Punctuality, Absenteeism & Truancy


All students are encouraged to reach the school before 7.20am. The first bell will ring at 7.20 am.
Students who are already in school are to proceed to the assembly area (hall/parade square) and
start their silent reading.

All staff and students are to be at the assembly area by 7.30 am before the 2nd bell rings.
The school gate will close at 7.25am and students who arrive after this time
will be treated as latecomers.

Students who are repeatedly late will be liable for disciplinary action.


Students who are absent from school must obtain medical certificates from doctors listed under the
Registry of General Practitioners and hand them to their form teachers when they return to school.
Their parents/guardians may be required to meet the Principal to discuss their absenteeism.

School Policy On Leave of Absence By Students During Term Time Or From Planned Lessons:

  1. Leave of absence will only be granted to students who have to travel overseas to
    represent Singapore in international competitions.
  1. The school will not be responsible for lessons missed if a student absents himself/herself wilfully.
  1. For missing ASP during term breaks (Mar, Jun, Sep, Sec 3 – Nov), students will serve detention
    for lessons missed as students need to be responsible in being present.
  1. The period of absence will be reflected as “absence without valid reason” officially in student’s records,
    which may have implications in future in terms of promotion/retention, Edusave and other awards.
    This will also affect his conduct grade.
  1. If the student misses any tests and assignments that count towards the continual and semestral assessment, they will be given a zero.
  1. Students will have to make their own effort to catch up with lessons missed. If they have coursework,
    the school will not make extra provisions in terms of time or teacher supervision. However, students
    are still expected to hand in all assignments and homework set during their period of absence.


Students who are absent without valid reason / play truant will be severely dealt with. The parents/guardians
will be informed and they will be required to meet the Principal/Vice Principal/HOD PM.
Prolonged absenteeism and truancy will warrant disciplinary action by the school.

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